Why AusSteel?

Welcome to the Ultimate Building System

The AusSteel Ultimate Steel Building System is the result of years of research to develop a completely engineered, fully designed steel framing system to meet the rapidly growing demands for house framing in Australia.

Our CAD-based design/engineering software, customised state of the art roll forming machines, unique fastener system mean that every member and connection point of your frames and trusses is fully and reliably engineered. Our frames and trusses are engineered from top to bottom, ensuring a fully engineered load path throughout the structure.

Wall Frames

Every aspect of our frames, from the specially developed steel fixing screw to our unique “boxable” lipped C section, has been designed so that the best possible product makes it into your project.

Roof Trusses

The trusses used in the Ultimate Steel Building System have been specially designed for builders who are more familiar working with Timber Trusses, yet want the durability, reliability and architectural flexibility afforded by steel.

Our unique FlushTruss system is the product of years of research and developement from our decades of timber knowledge. We now provide a product that will meet all of your needs.


Our CAD Based Design software and our custom AusSteel data files, coupled with our unique screw fixing system mean that your frames and trusses have been engineered, from top to bottom.

With our steel fixing screw, every connection point in our system is reliably engineered. That means that the entire load path throughout the structure is fully engineered.