Wall Frames

AusSteel frames won’t twist, shrink or warp, minimising the opportunity for sticking windows and doors, along with subtle waves in the wall lining. AusSteel frames are 100% termite and borer proof. This also means no additional chemical treatments are required to protect the structural components of your house. This also creates a healthier home and is recognised in Australia and internationally as the preferred construction material for those suffering from Asthma.

AusSteel wall frames are produced with every stud and noggin being crimped or swaged and every fixing screw is located in a recessed dimple, this feature means the walls are completely flush creating a perfectly smooth finish to the lining. In addition to plaster linings AusSteel’s straight walls are also a perfect match for cladding products such as aerated concrete panels, magnesium composite or oxide boards, or any precision panel system.

AusSteel frames can be manufactured in both 90mm and 70mm profile and be raked or curved to meet architectural designs. AusSteel also utilises a clip on approved brick tie to make it quicker and easier for the bricklayers to complete their part of the building project.

AusSteel frames can be used in any terrain category and our specially designed cyclonic screw fixing can meet the requirements to cope with the highest cyclonic wind loads in the country.