Floor Systems

AusSteel has a floor system to suit every situation. Use of floor systems can save money and be gentler on the environment when building on sloping blocks through possible reductions in excavation. Providing a LGS solution for first or second floors is no problem for AusSteel as we have been engineering and manufacturing these for over a decade from our Newcastle factory. AusSteel can also provide flooring systems for multi residential and commercial developments.

Sub floors

AusSteel has a number of options to suit building preferences, design constraints or budget requirements. These include:

  • Adjustable or Fixed Pier systems
  • RHS system
  • C Purlin Systems
  • Combinations of all of the above

First floor and multi-level floor systems

Webbed floor joists achieve large spans whilst being light weight and easy to install. The open webs allow access for services without drilling or cutting holes or reducing the integrity of the joist. AusSteel can design floors using a combination of hot and cold rolled steel products to achieve an engineered solution for every design.