About Us

Established in 1992, AusSteel has been an innovator in the Steel Frame and Truss industry. Our system is the result of years of experience and effort to refine light gauge steel frame and truss to what is now the Aus Steel Ultimate Building System. AusSteel has developed a completely engineered, fully designed, and truly Ultimate Steel Building System to meet the rapidly growing demands for Steel Framing in Australia. Our CAD-based design/engineering software, specially designed roll-forming techniques and unique fastener system mean that every member and connection point of your frames and trusses is fully and reliably engineered. AusSteel also manufactures a range of Floor System, C-Purlin, webbed floor joists and our own proprietary system makes for a solid foundation for your project.

The qualified staff at AusSteel have vast experience with supplying to all areas of construction, from small alterations and additions to residential houses, multi story residential, commercial and industrial projects.

An environmentally conscious company, AusSteel not only uses materials that are are 100% recyclable, but all of our steel is made from 30% recycled steel. Our commitment to the environment has lead us to work closely with designers and builders of eco friendly homes here in Australia.

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The AusSteel Team

Darren Onley

Darren has 30 years experience in the frame and truss industry, both in timber and steel. Darren has worked with many businesses to assist their growth in his capacity as fabricator support manager with a multinational nail plate and design software provider. Darren operated a successful consulting and contract detailing firm servicing the frame and truss industry for nine years. As a natural progression Darren purchased AusSteel with the vision of building the ultimate building system.

Lewis Onley
Chief Operating Officer

Detailing / Estimating

Our detailers have worked in structural steel design for many years  both in light gauge frame and truss and heavy structural steel, having vast experience designing and detailing projects from small residential alterations through to industrial and major commercial projects. AusSteel has the capability to design complex architectual features, split level multi storey projects, curved roofs and ceiling features.

AusSteel has a growing number of external detailing and estimating staff through our licensee and distributor network.

Product Development

AusSteel takes pride in maintaining an ongoing learning environment and has invested a significant amount of money and time in developing and refining their product offerings.

Certifications and professional memberships

All AusSteel products are made from Bluescope true core steel and are constructed to meet or exceed the National Association of Steel Framed Housing (NASH) requirements.

AusSteel is a member of the following industry associations:

  • NASH
  • The Australian Steel Institute
  • Master Builders Association (MBA)
  • The Housing Industry Association (HIA)